E-zine with impressions of the parliamentary dimension of the Dutch EU presidency

e-zine_eu-voorzitterschap-2016-enOn Tuesday 27 September the Senate and the House of Representatives released an e-zine with impressions of the parliamentary dimension of the Dutch EU presidency. In the first six months of 2016, it was the Netherlands` turn to assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. During this presidency the Dutch parliament organised six conferences for its fellow MPs from the EU member states, partly in cooperation with the European Parliament. An innovative approach was pivotal in the organisation of the parliamentary dimension of the EU presidency.

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 The e-zine shows in words and pictures what the parliamentary dimension was about and how the conferences went. Five of the six conferences were held in the Hall of Knights in The Hague, one in the European Parliament in Brussels. The conferences were on such themes as energy and circulair economy, human trafficking in the digital age, security and defence, economic coordination and the refugee crisis. The e-zine also pays attention to the meeting with the entire European Commission and the leaders of the groups in the European Parliament.

 The innovative approach involved, among other things, the development of a dedicated app for the participants in the conferences, the strengthening of the interactive nature of the debates and the engagement of non-parliamentarian partners, such as local authorities and expterts, in the conferences. The 24-page e-zine containes weblinks to the conferences and other relevant information. It will be sent to all the participants.

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