Budgetary policy – the effects of budgetary coordination

Co-chaired by Mr Jean Arthuis chair of the committee on Budgets of the EP and the chair of the committee on Finance of the Dutch House of Representatives OR the Senate.

This session will focus on the procedures that are being applied in the various Member States to ensure budgetary coordination, and examine what the role of national Parliaments is in that realm. Equally, it will examine what possible improvements can be made. In that respect, attention will be paid to the role of Fiscal Councils and the possibility to set up a fiscal stabilisation function for the euro area.

  • Intervention by Mr Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs
  • Intervention by Mr Francesco Boccia, Chair of the Budget, Treasury and Planning Committee of the Italian Chamber of deputies
  • Intervention by Ms Pervenche Berès and Mr Reimer Böge, co-rapporteurs on a budgetary capacity for the Eurozone
  • Discussion



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